Public Documents

Public documents and newsletters will be placed here as the project progresses and all the publicly available manuals and other documentation relating to the equipment and techniques developed will be made available towards the end of the project. Although the project terminates in 2020, because dissemination of the results is an important part of INDIRES, this website will remain available after the end of the project.

INDIRES Project Newsletters

The full results of the project will be publicised in the official Final Report after the completion of the project but, so you can follow progress throughout the course of the project, we will publish project newsletters at the end of the first and second years of the project.

Published in September 2018, the first project newsletter provides some background information on INDIRES and describes some of our achievements during the project’s first year. You can view or download it here INDIRES Newsletter 1. Although the project consortium holds the copyright on this newsletter, we do grant you permission to distribute it to interested parties, either electronically or as a printed document, with the condition that you only distribute it in its entirety.