Instytut Techniki Górniczej (KOMAG)

The mission of KOMAG, Instytut Techniki Górniczej, the Institute of Mining Technology, located in Gliwice, Poland, includes the creation and commercialisation of innovative solutions in the scope of mechanical systems, mechatronic systems, environmental protection, control of hazards, work safety and the safety of product use.

KOMAG’s activity incorporates scientific and research projects concerned with improvements to mining technology, haulage and the processing of minerals. The projects are oriented towards anthropo-technical systems in the aspect of reliability, work safety and comfort.

Concepts and technical documentations of innovative solutions of machines and equipment are realised within the projects. Model, laboratory and operational tests contribute to an increase of life and reliability of machines as well as to improvement of work safety and comfort, having a direct impact on increased efficiency in the production and processing of minerals.

Specialist testing services of accredited laboratories, tests of powered roof support units, tests of hydraulic actuating components, environmental tests, tests of safety of product use and material engineering tests, play a significant role in the Institute’s activity.

KOMAG certifies machines and equipment within the scope of the ATEX Directive on machines and protective systems intended for use in areas at risk from explosion hazard, the Machinery Directive on principal requirements for machines, the Directive on electrical equipment for use at certain voltage ranges, and the Directive on the principal requirements for toys. Besides the certification of products, KOMAG certifies management systems.

KOMAG’s significant position, both in the Polish and international research areas, has been reached due to a close collaboration with manufacturers and users of mining machines and equipment, as well as with scientific partners representing Polish and foreign universities, research centres and mining supervisory bodies.

KOMAG’s divisions are centred around the following areas of expertise:

  • powered roof supports,
  • horizontal transport,
  • vertical Transport,
  • roadway systems and hydraulics,
  • longwall shearers,
  • drives and control systems,
  • preparation systems,
  • mechatronic systems,
  • ecological systems,
  • applied vibroacoustics,
  • Laboratory of Modelling Methods and Ergonomics,
  • Division of Attestation Tests, Certifying Body,
  • Laboratory of Tests,
  • Laboratory of Applied Tests,
  • Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment,
  • Laboratory of Material Engineering and Environment.