Instytut Technik Innowacyjnych (EMAG)

Instytut Technik Innowacyjnych EMAG (the Institute of Innovative Technologies), is a research and development institute, with activities ranging from hazard monitoring and safety systems, automation systems and intrinsically safe equipment, to mobile inspection platforms and informatics.

The Institute of Innovative Technologies has been in business for over forty years. EMAG offers specialised services and innovative business solutions. It conducts industrial research and development work in many areas, such as monitoring, applied IT, power electronics, automation, safety and industrial metrology. Its fields of activity include also computer systems, telemetry, specialised medical measurements, and management of technological and business processes. EMAG’s engineering skills, experience and infrastructure have been used to implement national research projects, research programmes of the European Union, and programmes implemented under European funds.

Our Mission

We develop new and improve existing devices, technologies and systems that serve to streamline production processes, increase work safety and improve quality of life. This concept stems from our belief that science should serve humanity. Hence in its operations, EMAG follows two rules. First the rule of utility – the research and development work responding to the results of analyses and the needs of industry industry, administration, social sphere, and second the rule of complementarity of research processes and implementation processes.

The basic mission of EMAG is as follows:

  • developing innovative solutions,
  • conducting research and development work in the areas of widely understood computer science,
  • initiating research problems in non-science areas,
  • adapting research results to new applications,
  • improving existing devices, technologies and systems that contribute to more efficient industrial processes, better work safety and life quality,
  • maintain and improve laboratory-research infrastructure for development of science in the areas of economy – Direction Industry 4.0, public administration, national safety, Internet of Things, and against social exclusion.

What we Do

We deal primarily with research and development (R&D), specialised research services, certification and approvals, as well as expert opinions mostly in the following fields: electrical power engineering and automation; system, operational and local monitoring; applied IT; and industrial metrology. We carry out domestic and EU research programmes, EU-financed programmes, as well as targeted projects and projects executed as joint ventures with SMEs. Innovations developed in EMAG are commercialised by the Scientific and Industrial Centre of EMAG both in Poland and abroad.


For 40 years we have been providing solutions to various Polish businesses in the form of modern products and services. We cooperate closely with the mining industry, particularly hard coal mining, which has been our traditional area of interest. We are primarily renowned for solutions in industrial automation, gas monitoring, telecommunications, electrical engineering, geophysical systems, and industrial metrology. We are recognised in all places where minerals are extracted. Our innovations have been implemented in overseas mines with extremely difficult conditions of mineral exploitation (in China, Russia, Vietnam, Colombia, Czech Republic, Belarus and Ukraine), as well as in the majority of Polish hard coal mines and industrial plants of different sectors. We support other industrial branches and social areas of life – public administration, public safety, defence, health service – mainly in the range of applied IT.